Visual Creative Policy

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FOR ALL SECTIONS BELOW Contact us at editors (at) if you spot any issues with creative media on our site and we will, to the best of our ability, resolve the issue in a timely manner. If the issue is more pressing or if you’d like to gain licensure for original creative elements on our site, please email directly.

IMAGE USE You may not use any creative imagery from on your own blog, website, or social media network without a visible photo credit which reads: AND the original photo credit, which might be a retailer or a photographer.

PRODUCT SHOTS Our single-product imagery is accompanied with links back to the original source. If you’re wondering where a product image was sourced, please refer to the retailer mentioned next to the feature. We sometimes add frames and badges to highlight special products.

PRODUCT LIFESTYLE SHOTS All product lifestyle imagery is credited to the best of our ability. Please notify us if you see an image missing creative credit or listing an incorrect credit. If we credit a lifestyle image to a retailer’s site, we’ve assumed the retailer rightfully owns that photography from the original photographer due to lack of photo credit displayed on retailer’s promotional material, including but not limited to branded press releases, websites, third-party retailer listings, and social media accounts.

LIFESTYLE SHOTS All lifestyle photography which does not include a product is credited to Per Pexel’s Photo License which you can read here, it is not required to credit individual photographers, though the editors at do their best to attribute credit whenever possible.

GIFS All GIFs are from and do not contain more than three seconds of rolling creative footage within one frame of a loop. Our targeted audience is in the know about pop culture, so if a GIF is added that features a well-known movie, music video clip, television clip, Netflix clip, or celebrity (like Nigel Barker above), we do not write out that celebrity name, rather credit the network, platform, or media product the footage was created by or for.

THEME Website layout is credited to designer ThemeEverest, we are so appreciative of their editorial aesthetic and intuitive UX. The founder of made alterations to the existing theme by ThemeEverest as it related to color, commerce capabilities and CTA buttons, content structure, fonts, and some other visual elements.

FONTS Fonts used on are attributed to ThemeEverest and Google Fonts.

LOGO The logo is original and we maintain creative rights to the “T” that appears as a gift box in the word “gift”, effective October 2018. If you are a commerce-based editorial website or digital publication or sect/portion/vertical/branch of a website or digital publication, you do not have permission to launch creative which features a gift box as a “T” in the word “gift” or “gifts” on your branding or editorial site. Contact to retrieve information around licensing. We offer tiered packages, all which include the high resolution version of the gift box “T”!

If you are a small business owner, artist, second-hand or antique dealer, or crafter with a gift section on your website or in your store, you can freely use a gift box as a “T” in the word “gift” or “gifts” if you felt inspired by our logo and there’s no need to contact us, though we’d love to hear from you at editors (at) If you’re not sure if you fall into one of the above categories, send a note to before you create promotional material or adjust your own branding. We’re happy to provide imagery (free of charge) featuring the gift-box “T” in the word “gift” or “gifts” for small business owners and artists so you can grow your business. The heart of is founded on principles, learnings, and best practices acquired through years of small business and brick and mortar retail experience. We will always support you.